Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Old style amalgam silver fillings are fast becoming a thing of the past as the modern dentist is moving towards using a composite resin instead. Silver fillings can be unsightly while a composite resin can be colour matched to the existing teeth and are almost unnoticeable. 

A dentist will usually be reluctant to replace existing silver fillings unless there is a valid reason to do so such as wear or damage. However, a patient can insist on having old fillings replaced despite any reservations a dentist may have. 

Modern tooth-coloured fillings not only look better than the silver variety but also:

  • Bond strongly to the tooth
  • Help strengthen the tooth
  • Last longer

Composite fillings also preserve more of the original tooth as “only the damaged area is removed” whereas silver fillings require healthy tissue to be excavated in order to properly fix the amalgam in place. 

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